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Not need now. 

Sir, you are feeling that you do not need the policy because, you are healthy now, but god no, If any health related problems comes, you will not get the policy 

Which policy is best. ? 

All policies are good but the requirements depend on the age and requirements of the person. Tell your need to your insurance advisor.

The policy is of 20 years which is a very long time. 

The policy is taken for children’s education, career, marriage, our pension, retirement, life risk, bonus and the time left in these works should be taken for the same time as LI is at least 10 years. ULIP plans are also of short years, consult your insurance advisor.

Why LIC does not give the maturity amount of the policy in writing. ? 

LIC is a customer interest corporation, LIC profits reinvests the rest of the money every year by giving it to the Government of India(5%), so that all the bonus at the time of maturity is of the policy holder, so LIC does not give maturity in writing and yes some policies are like this. is also in which the corporation gives inn writing also.  

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