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25 वर्षीय , कद 5’5″ , MCA  पास सूंदर कन्या हेतु वर चाहिए । सभी सिख मान्य संपर्क करे मो 9669688340 8225884505 (K1)

Non-drinker, Vegetarian Equally qualified match for 5’8, March’1991, MD. Doctor. Contact no. – 9878960578 (K2)

US based profrssional Jat Sikh match for 1980 born, 5’3, beautiful Dental Surgeon DDS girl, working in US. Contact no. – 9876629984 (K3)

Beautiful, slim 1982, 5’5, Class-1 Officer, Punjab Government. Landlord family. Email – (K4)

Match for Jatt Sikh M.Tech, 5’5, 1984, beautiful slim girl, only NRI preferred. Contact no. – 9888488099 (K5)

Jat Sikh girl 1991, 5’4, MBA, ILETS trainer, landlord family required 20 acre land, qualified, well settled boy, Amritsar. Contact no. – 7888518903 (K6)

Professionally qualified match for beautiful 5’5, 21, doing Law American Green Card holder and belongs to a highly qualified family. Contact no. – 9339600003 (K7)

Delhi based Jatt Sikh Medico/ Gazetted Officer match, solicited for MD pulmonology very beautiful, 5’5, 89 born, working in Safdarjung. Contact no. – 9810910155 (K8)

Qualified match for Canadian PR Jat Sikh girl, Dec’1985, 5’2, B.Pharm HRM, issueless divorcee. Preference Jat Sikh Canadian PR. Contact no. – 7626938219 (K9)

Jat Sikh Dhillon girl, 27, 5’5, M.Sc., Geography Vegetarian boy only from Punjab required. NRIs please excuse. Contact no. – 9814648513 (K10)

Unmarried beautiful Jat girl 38, 5’3, BA, Private job Traveling Canada. Early marrriage. Contact no. – 9814050033 (K11)

Jatsikh Amritdhari girl 28 , 5’3, B.Tech., Pref. Mohali/ Tricity. Send photo & detail on Whatsapp – 8559016781 (K12)

Canada PR, slim, fair girl, 1990 born, 5’4, Diploma in Business Management. Required Jatt Sikh, well settled boy. Priority PR Canada belongs Malwa. Contact no. – 9928400377 (K13)

Jatt Sikh M.Tech. (Gold Medalist) girl, 28-09-92, 5’4, (Naya Nangal), working as an Officer in Central Govt. Chandigarh. Govt. Officer preferred. Contact no. – 8628954524 (K14)

Beautiful NRI Jat Sikh girl, 1993, 5’5, B.Tech diploma working girl, all caste preferred. Contact no. – 8085337998 (K15)

MD/ MS/ Civil Services match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl 1989, 5’5, MS (General Surgery). Upper caste no bar. Contact no. – 8054267979 (K16)

Jat Sikh girl 1990, 5’7, B.Tech. scale-3 Manager SBI Amritsar required Central Govt Officer. Contact no. – 9501800901 (K17)

Jatt Sikh beautiful girl 1991, 5’8, M.Tech, Pvt. job, required qualified, well-settled boy. Contact no. – 9888483824 (K18)

Seeking qualified match for divorcee jatt sikh girl, 37, 5’4, MA, B.Ed, M.Phil, Govt. job. Contact no. – 9992261702 (K19)

Jatt Sikh 1989, 5’7, regular Govt. job seeking suitable match preferred Gurdaspur & Batala. Contact no. – 9463152011 (K20)

Clean shaven match for jat sikh girl Sep’90, 5’5, B.Tech working MNC . Contact no. – 9465121655 (K21)

Suitable match for Jat Sikh pure vaishno girl. Aug’80, 5’2, B.Com, MFC, Dual MBA-HR and Finance. Applied PR Canada. Contact no. – 9814801104 (K22)

Jat Sikh girl 29, 5’7, B.Com, Financial Planing, Financial Services Course from Toronto, work permit (Employed) Toronto. Preferred Malwa, Ontario settled. Contact no. – 7973665061 (K23)

Jat Sikh girl 1990, 5’3, M.Pharmacy, Asst. Professor. Preferred 10 acre land, well qualified. Contact no. – 9417220556 (K24)

Pure ver, suitable match for Urban Jatt Sikh Sandhu girl, 5’7, 26, BCA, MBA, 2 years diploma Fashion Designing. Contact no. – 8427400373 (K25)

Jat Sikh girl 30, 5’6, B.Tech, working in IT sector Mumbai. Contact no. – 9915249202 (K26)

Professionally qualified match for Canadian citizen, Dental Assistant, born 1985. Prefer Dental, Medical, Engineer. Contact no. – 9463186942 (K27)

B.Tech PG Dip Canada 95, 5’6, Ludhiana seeks Canadian resident Malwa preferred. Contact no. – 9417695975 (K28)

Suitable match for Sep’86, 5’8, Punjab Govt. Officer, Chd. (non transferable). Tricity & agri land 35 acres preferred. Contact no. – 9815080344 (K29)

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh Sandhu 86 born, 5’4, Inspector (Nursing Superintendent) in Paramilitary Forces (GOI). NRI and Majha area preferred. Contact no. – 9464023358 (K30)

Match for unmarried handsome Businessman, 1982, 5’8, well settled Chandigarh. Father officer retired. Contact no. – 9876572593 (K31)

Govt. employed match for Jat Sikh (Bal) boy, Sept. 1994, 6’4, Sr. TTE (Northern Railway), International Boxer. Contact no. – 6239350858 (K32)

Jat Sikh 1992, 6’0, land 9 acre, B.Pharma Emp. as Pharmacist, Sister settled in USA. Seeking B.Sc. Nursing girl. Contact no. – 9464377540 (K33)

Divorcee Gursikh Jat boy 37, 10th semi Govt. job simple home girl no demands. Contact no. – 9814882333 (K34)

Jatt Sikh boy 1978, 5’6, institute online work CIG M.Phil, prefer abroad/PR/Govt. girl. Contact no. – 9876063848 (K35)

Jatt Sikh boy 33, 5’9, regular Govt. Maths Teacher prefer qualified/Govt. girl, Mansa. Contact no. – 9781781909 (K36)

Match for Jatt Sikh Gazetted Officer 1988, 5’10, seeking for Govt. job girl or Ph.D. Contact no. – 9478232868 (K37)

03-12-1987, 5’10, M.Tech (CSE), Regular Asstt. Professor University Reputed family. Wanted professionally qualified match. Contact no. – 9876098868 (K38)

Jat Sikh 30, 6’2, MBA, businessman Kolkata monthly income 2.5 L good property in Kolkata, 8 acre land & house in Punjab, looking for Graduate girl. Contact no. – 8100205069 (K39)

Match for Jat Sikh boy, 1989, 6’2, Govt. teacher, Mohali. Pursuing Ph.D, Govt. teacher preferred. Contact no. – 9463654839 (K40)

US citizen Jat Gursikh 26, 5’9, working as Software Engnieer. Affluent/ well-settled Gursikh family, seeks beautiful, professional Gursikh girl. Whatsapp – 15104495094 (K41)

Jatt Sikh boy Canada work permit, 6’1, Oct’89, B.Com, MBA, want educated girl. Contact no. – 9814362558 (K42)

Match for convent educated handsome Jatt boy 30, 6’0, working as Assistant professor regular basis. Contact no. – 9478235162 (K43)

Professionally qualified match for Jat Gursikh boy, 5’10, 32 years, MD Radiology, highly educated family. Contact – (K44)

Canadian PR Jat Sikh 29, 5’11, non-drinker, working as an immigration consultants, seeks highly qualified girl living in Canada. Contact no. – 9888622317 (K45)

Seeking well educated beautiful match for Jat Sikh landlord, businessman, handsome boy, MBA (IMT GHZ), 6’0, Aug’90 born. Please contact with biodata and photograph at 6283368807 (K46)

Match for Jatt Sikh boy 5’10, 33, land 10 acre, Post- Graduate, well settled family, required NRI girl. Contact no. – 9878910021 (K47)

SM4 Jat Sikh landlord handsome boy 5’7, 14-10-1993, BBA, MBA, well- settled own business. Jobless will be preferred. Contact no. – 9876006272 (K48)

Jat Sikh boy 1992, 5’11, M.Tech, from PEC University Chandigarh, gazetted officer contract base, landlord family Amritsar, required well-qualified, beautiful girl. Contact no. – 9814526928 (K49)

Jat Sikh Sandhu boy 1989, 6’0, B.Tech, Sub Inspector, Punjab Police, Amritsar, 20 Kile land, required Govt. employed girl. Contact no. – 9855696794 (K50)

Jat Sikh, handsome, Canadian PR boy, 1989, 5’10, B.Tech, Software Engineer, seeks qualified beautiful girl. Contact no. – 9988242090 (K51)

Jat Sikh boy 1987, 5’10, MBA, reputed family need well educated girl, Amritsar. Contact no. – 9878299931 (K52)

SM4 Mair Rajput Sikh Divorcee boy, isssueless (clean sahven) handsome 34, 5’9, well established business in Mohali/Chd. Seeking beautiful, tall homely girl. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9417183231 (K53)

Turbaned Sikh Doctor, US citizen, 49, 5’7, 152lbs, well settled MD Physician in US. Divorcee with no issue. Contact no. – (K54)

Brahmin Sikh 30, 5’7, B.Tech, Software Engineer, Gurugram, 12 Lakh. Status family. House Chandigarh. Contact no. – 7589491995 (K55)

Majbi Sikh boy 89, 5’11, PCS (Executive), Required Doctor/ Officer girl. Contact no. – 9417284294 (K56)

Sikh Kashyap Rajput boy 11-05-88, 5’10, MCA, working MNC, required beautiful professionally qualified, Caste no bar. Contact no. – 8307672679 (K57)

SM4 Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) 1991, 5’9, M.Tech, Punjab Govt. employee (Group-B), Seeking for Govt. employee girl match. Contact no. – 9463655657 (K58)

SM4 match for Parajapat Sikh boy 34, M.Sc, IT, 5’9, own business. Required educated girl. Contact no. – 9592147777 (K59)

Nai Sikh handsome boy 1989, 5’8, M.Tech, Canada study base required B.Sc. Nursing, ILETS clear, beautiful girl, Amritsar. Contact no. – 9877316489 (K60)