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SMF Khatri Punjabi Good looking boy, looks much younger than his age. Central Govt. Employee, 47, 5’9, Fair, (Divorcee Issueless). Girl from poor family, illetrate will also accepted. Caste no bar. Send biodata with picture on Whatsapp – 8950647579 (K1)

Suitable match for Jat Sikh issueless divorce boy 1986 born, 5’10, M.Tech., own business, handsome income, No demand. Status family. Educated girl from simple family preferred. Caste no bar. Contact no.- 7696411129 (K2)

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Match Haridwar based issuless divorcee 59 years, retired Senior Government Officer needs honest lady. Email –, Contact no. – 8779858064 (K3)

Aggarwal issueless short time divorcee, 1981, non – manglik handsome graduate, well settled business boy. Only issueless/ unmarried. Contact no. – 9356022881 (K4)

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Match for Professional Tax Advocate, B.Com, LLB, Double divorced Saraswat Brahmin vegetarian boy, 1980 Sangrur, 6’1. Contact no. – 9467009701 (K5)

Qualified match for Sikh Ravidasia divorcee boy 32, 5’6, M.Tech. Software Engineer, Gurgaon, package 15 lac. Contact no. – 9872209186 (K6)

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Hindu Arora divorcee boy, 18-08-1985, 5’5, own Electronics/ Mobile shop, own house seeks educated middle class. Upper caste no bar. Marriage bureau excuse. Contact no. – 8427668536 (K7)

Match for divorcee Jindal boy 28-08-1988, Timing – 00:15 am, 5’7, B.Com, MBA, Business. Contact no. – 9463981600 (K8)

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Looking for female partner with social standing for high status well to do professional single male, 54 years, 5’8, agee and caste no bar. Whatsapp 8427652780 (K9)

Match for Rajput, 46 years, 5’4, own house in Sector 37-C, Chandigarh, issuless divorcee/ widow employed girl preferred of Chandigarh. Contact no. – 9815669576 (K10)

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Graduate girl needed for educated divorcee johal boy, 10-11-1987, Timing – 5:50 am, Jalandhar, 5’11, with child. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9872253839 (K11)

Match for issueless B.Tech. MBA Arora boy, 1984, 5’5, working MNC Chandigarh. Contact no. – 7206267361 (K12)

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Hindu Arora handsome issue less divorcee boy, 5’8, 16-05-1984, Timing – 11:45 pm, (Sirhind), D.Pharma, well settled business, issue less educated girl. Upper caste no bar. Contact no. – 9876353238 (K13)

Brahmin boy, Divorcee, 15-03-1982, Timing – 1:05 pm, Chandigarh, 10+2, own business. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9812152336 (K14)

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Issueless divorced Hindu Punjabi Khatri fair, 5’10, 41 years, MBA, Service in Delhi, 85,000/-. Whatsapp only 7428310330 (K15)

Manglik boy 1986, B.Tech, 5’8, Job Gurgaon 16 lakh. Preferred professional Ludhiana region. Contact no. – 9653581031 (K16)

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Issue less Divorcee Khatri boy, 1977, 5’8, looking 35, Own business, very good income, contact only issueless girl. Contact no. – 9416688372 (K17)

Suitable match for handsome divorcee Majahan boy 86 born, 5’8, working MNC preferred simple girl. Contact no. – 7009562198 (K18)

Match for handsome Aggarwal graduate Garg boy, legally divorced, 34, 5’10, very decent business in Chandigarh. Contact no. – 8434000005 (K19)

Issueless short divorced Khatri boy Nov. 1989, 5’9, working as Officer Nationalized Bank, Chandigarh. Govt. job preferred. No caste bar. Contact no. – 9463825263 (K20)

Handsome DIV Govt. Officer, 30, 5’10, B.Tech, IIT Dhanbad Asstt. Commissioner of Ministry, 15.5 LPA well qualified rich family req. beautiful match, Caste no bar. Contact no. – 7583815001 (K21)

MBA convent educated Feb’90, 5’10, smart boy own showroom/house & business. Contact no. – 94642499994 (K22)

Agarwal 35 boy divorcee good business, good status, one child. Required good looking girl. Contact no. – 9872833072 (K23)

Match for widower in sixties children settled wants highly educated understanding partner. Email – (K24)

Sikh pensioner 75 years, 45000/-, pension 1.20 lakh income other sources own independent home, car. Seeks female partner widow/ divorcee 60-65 normal health Sikh. Contact no. – 8685085639 (K25)

Match for Manglik Arora widower Ludhiana, 5’9, Nov. 1971, two daughters, one studying in Melbourne, second X std, income 80000 monthly. Issueless preferred. Contact no. – 9356833011 (K26)

Suitable match for widower Punjabi Brahmin 55 years, looking smart, 5’3, well settled own business and running reputed Sen Sec. School in Jalandhar. Match should be smart, issueless up to 45 and MA, B.Ed. to work as Principal. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9217901173 (K27)

Match for Himachali Garg slim Advocate at Chandigarh widower 51, 5’4, one son not living together living alone in own house. Contact no. – 9417042143 (K28)

Suitable match for fair slim handsome Khatri boy Doctor 43 year, 5’7, MBBS, MRCP, UK citizen, PR Canada settled in Canada divorcee issueless very short marriage. Seeks beautiful educated girl up to 36 years. Parents Doctor. Contact no. – 9416378082 (K29)

Girl having Australian work visa/PR required for 1985, short marriage issueless divorced boy settled in Australia. Conatct no. – 9417925722 (K30)

Single/ Divorcee issueless qualified, working girl for Canadian PR, good salary, Jat Sikh B.Tech., IIT-MBA, issueless divorcee, 37, 5’9. Contact no. – 9463843540 (K31)

Match for handsome, fair, teetotaller, Rajput, 6’0, 1983, Dentist, MBA, issueless, settled Chandigarh. Whatsapp – 9988689368 (K32)

Match for Aggarwal Divorcee MBA boy, 36, 5’6, Business income 20 Lacs. Preference nearby Chandigarh. Contact no. – 9023520861 (K33)

Match for Patiala handsome Aggarwal divorcee boy, CA, 33, 6’0, Officer Govt. Job Patiala, handsome salary & income. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9814930537 (K34)

Rajput boy, 5’3, 18-09-1986, issueless divorcee, Diploma Electricals, own business Chandigarh. Middle class joint family. Upper caste no bar. Contact no. – 7087511338 (K35)

Suitable match for fair Sikh Saini legally Divorced boy, 1987, 5’9, B.Tech, Business family, Residing in Jaipur, Belongs to Machiwara Ludhiana. Contact no. – 9928079767 (K36)

Suitable match for Arora issueless divorcee boy 86 born Shopkeeper, Vegetarian, BA, 5’7, marriage bureau excuse. Contact no. – 9316662716 (K37)

Well established businessman divorce Ramgarhia Vegetarian boy 45, 5’11, MA. Preferred IT professional, Caste no bar. Contact no. – 7986707595 (K38)

Few days innocent divorcee, 87 born, 6’0, sincere and well groomed Aggarwal boy, CA, Govt. job Patiala. Contact no. – 9878459428 (K39)

Match for legally divorced Garg boy 34, 5’0, graduate, very decent business in Chandigarh. Contact no. – 8434000005 (K40)

Qualified match for Ramdasia Sikh divorcee boy, 32, 5’6, Software Engineer, Gurgaon, package 18 lac. Contact no. – 9872209186 (K41)

Medico match for divorcee Hindu Arora boy MBBS, 36, 5’8, Govt. job. Contact no. – 9646078910 (K42)

Handsome IRS Officer, 1982, 5’10, B.Tech, MBA, Asst. Commissioner, Income Tax 12.5 LPA. Req. beautiful match. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 7583815001 (K43)