Var / Bridegrooms N.R.I.

Hindu Goyal boy, 29, 5’6, Anshik Manglik, B.Tech and MS, working with MNC in Sydney, seeks professionally qualified and beautiful girl interested to settle in Australia. Father GM in PS Bank, New Delhi. Contact no. – 7738082800 (K1)

Match for Australian PR Sikh Arora handsome boy, 5’10, 06-12-1989, CA, settled in Melbourne. Contact no. – 9888882129 (K2)

Saraswat Brahmin boy, Mech. Engineer in US, 13-12-1991, Timing – 11:23 am, Patiala, 6’1, Wanted Engineer/ Doctor/ well qualified girl, preferred USA/ Canada (Citizen/ PR). Contact no. – 9417204142 (K3)

SM4 Hindu Jat boy, 38, 5’11, M.Sc. Australia PR, well qualified family. Beautiful professionally qualified match preferred. Contact no. – 9868386276 (K4)

Slim, boyish, Veg. & teetotaller Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin 1984 born, 5’9, MS (US), USA-HIB visa, GC applied. Upper caste welcome. USA proposals preferred. Send biodata, date, time, place of birth. Email – (K5)

Suitable match for Mohyal Brahmin boy, 33, 5’8, studying in Australia. Preferred Australia PR holder. Elder brother PR in Australia. Contact no. – 9814668234 (K6)

Canada work-permit Mair Rajput Manglik boy 06-03-1993, 5’10, passed his MBA. Required well-cultured, beautiful, qualified girl. Canada PR preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact no. – 9877450921 (K7)

Beautiful tall match for handsome Canada PR Arora Sikh BDS boy, 32, 6’0, working Toronto. Well settled Doctor’s family. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 8427843835 (K8)

Suitable match for handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy 6’0, 19-03-1990, Timing – 6:10 am, Software Engineer. Amritsar, NRI prefreed. Contact no. – 9646348661 (K9)

Seeking an educated, independent girl from a working class family for a handsome 29, 5’11, IHM Pusa Graduate, Canada PR holder boy from a Sikh Rajput Doctor family. Own family house in Canada. Girl should preferably be a PR holder or ready to settle in Canada. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 7508679980 (K10)

Suitable match for fair slim handsome Khatri boy Doctor 43 year, 5’7, MBBS, MRCP, UK citizen, PR Canada settled in Canada divorcee issueless very short marriage. Seeks beautiful educated girl up to 36 years. Parents Doctor. Contact no. – 9416378082 (K11)

Girl having Australian work visa/PR required for 1985, short marriage issueless divorced boy settled in Australia. Conatct no. – 9417925722 (K12)

SM for Punjabi Khatri Hindu boy 17-11-1989, 5’11, M.Tech., IT, PR, Australia. Contact no. – 9414393290 (K13)

Canadian PR, Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy ( upper middle class ), Timing – 30-11-1991, 6’0, B.Tech, PG, diploma (Canada), 5 acre land. Prefer well educated, beautiful, tall, smart, slim girl. Contact no. – 7973411285 (Bathinda) (K15)

Parjapat Sikh boy Nov’1988, 5’10, B.Tech, Pharmacy Technician PR Canada, looking for educated & professional girl. Contact no. – 6284684520 (K16)

Gursikh match for software Engineer in Australia, 35 years, 5’10, Rehitvaan Amritdhari Singh, divorcee. Father retired Army Officer. Contact no. – 9779161792 (K17)

Australia PR Ghumiar boy, 5’7, 1990, M.Tech. CSE, Software Developer Sydney Australia, 45 Lakh. Upper caste welcome. Contact no. – 9041598854 (K18)

SM for Ravidasia 31, 5’7, M.Tech., Canadian Citizen well earning boy. Seeks well educated professionally focused preferably Canada/ US based girl. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 6475541415 (K19)

Canadian Lubana Sikh boy 32, 5’11, want BDS/ any other professional girl, Caste no bar. Whatsapp – 9466436721 (K20)

Seeking match for 5’6, 21-04-1986, Bhagat Australian citizen boy, B.Sc. Nursing/ Medical professional preferred. Contact no. – 9646012913 (K21)

American permanent resident 27 years seeks American/ Canada working studying girl. No bars. Contact no. – 9072231046 (K22)

Match for Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy 30, 5’8, job in Behrine Five star Hotel, Caste no bar. Preferred NRI. Contact no. – 9888515164 (K23)

Jat Sikh Sandhu boy, 27, 5’11, work permit in USA, wanted PR girl in USA and Canada. Contact no. – 9464146547 (K24)

Tall beautiful girl preferably B.Sc. Nursing/ Medical profession for Rajput/ Chauhan Sikh boy 24, 6’0, Canada PR working at Edmonton, status family. Whatsapp – 9888821699 (K25)

Match for Brahmin boy born 1985, 5’8, Canadian citizen, University graduate, working in Management position in Toronto. Caste no bar. Contact or Whatsapp – 6479690984 (K26)

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin, fair, handsome, 30, 5’11, Manglik boy. Working in USA on work permit. Canadian PR holder. Planning to settle in Canada. Looking for beautiful, educated, cultured girl. Canada PR/ resident preferred. Contact no. – 9463775334 (K27)

Suitable match for NRI (U.K) Gold smith (Sadeora) non- manglik Hoshiarpur based boy, 5’9, age 26, Graduate, handsome package. Upper caste welcome. Whatsapp – 9501306460 (K28)

Suitable match for Canada PR Hindu Swarnkar boy, 06-06-95, 5’2, BA. Contact no.- 9876923021 (K29)

Match for Canada PR Ramgarhia boy 91, 5’11, M.Tech. Cutsurd, no bars. Contact no. – 9815888800 (K30)

Brahmin boy April 1990, 5’9, Software Engineer, California. Parents settled Chandigarh. USA girl preferred. Contact no. – 9501405533 (K31)

Match for handsome NRI boy, 30 yrs, 5’8, star job, Behren. Jai Srimaa Jai SriAurobindo devotee family. Contact no. – 9888515164 (K32)

PQM for USA (California) well settled Engineer, 1992, 5’9, Aggarwal boy. Contact no. – 9872280455 (K33)

Australian PR Bansal boy 12-12-1987, Timing – 11:00 am, Bathinda, 5’8, B.Tech. Preferred beautiful, well qualified. Contact no. – 9781302481 (K34)

Aggarwal boy 28, 5’8, PR Australia, NRI preferred. No demand. Contact no. – 9316100340 (K35)

Singla boy 7 Oct’1989, 5’11, B.Tech, MBA, working in London (Now work from home India) 56600 pound. Australia PR. Till March 2021 in India. Only girl interested going abroad. Any upper caste welcome. Contact no. – 9872851446 (K36)

Looking US Citizen/ Greencard match for Jatt Sikh (Australian Citizen), 28, 6’0, boy, B.Tech. Electrical from Australia. Highly qualified professional family. Upper caste no bar. Contact no. – 9646979600 (K37)

We are looking for a educated and homely girl for a 5’7, slim boy, M.Com, Wheatish complexion, born in Khatri Punjabi family on 18-10-1989 who is permanently settled in Australia, Family in Zirakpur. Contact no. – 9646955870 (K38)

Singla Non-Manglik boy, 17-08-1990, Timing – 6:58 am, Patiala, 6’2, MCA, Thapar College, Patiala, Software Engineer Toronto Canada. PR, package 85000 doller per annual. Contact no. – 9988869113 (K39)

Suitable match for Khatri boy 11-04-94, Chandigarh, 5’9, working as Senior Software Engineer in California (USA), HIB visa holder. Contact no. – 9417008848 (K40)

Suitable match for Chauhan handsome boy, 1987, 5’10, B.Com, LLB, LLM, working as Legel Advisor in Law firm of Toronto, Canada, Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9914722019 (K41)

Handsome Khatri divorcee Engg. boy American citizen, 5’8, 1986, White collar job, preferred unmarried girl. Contact no. – 9814390038 (K42)

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Brahmin boy 10-05-1988, Timing – 11:40 pm, 6’3, B.Tech. Mech. Engineering, working as Project Engineer in Canadian based company. NRI preferred. Whatsapp – 9888017863 (K44)

Suitable match for handsome boy 6’2, 30 years, Software Engineer (MS from US), working with US MNC. Seeks professionally educated beautiful girl. Contact no. – 7696043301 (K45)

Seeking girl in Canada for Khatri boy Feb’1990, 6’0, B.Tech, MS in computer science, working at Toronto as Engg. Upper caste welcome. Contact no. – 8437764885 (K46)

Australia settled, Hindu Khatri, vegetarian CA 39, 5’7, innocent divorcee, seeks qualified/ resident girl. Contact no. – 9988601010 (K47)

Canadian Lubana Sikh boy 32, 5’11, want BDS, any other professional girl, Caste no bar. Contact no. – 94664367121 (K48)

Bride wanted for well qualified US citizen Jatt Sikh, 36, 5’9, divorced (very brief marriage), working in Healthcare. US/ Canada contact at (K49)

Canadian citizen Maid Rajput (Goldsmith) Manglik vegetarian boy, 28-09-1990, Timing – 9 am, Jalandhar, 6’0. Seeks B.Sc. Nursing or IT professional girl above 5’5. Contact no. – 9464387560 (K50)

Seeking US citizen girl for Chandigarh based fair, smart, handsome Engineer (MS) Garg boy 30 years, 5’11, working in MNC in LA, USA on work permit. Green card applied. Contact no. – 9888487016 (K51)

Educated beautiful match for American citizen Ahluwalia clean shaven boy Jan’1984, 5’11, real estate license holder, insurance agent Los Angle. Contact no. – 8146517345 (K52)