Var / Bridegrooms Sikh

32, 5’10, रंग गोरा, ग्रेजुएट, ट्रांसपोर्ट एंड एग्रीकल्चर फर्म एंड स्टील इंडस्ट्री । सिख सैनी युवक हेतु वधु चाहिए । जातिबंधन नहीं । संपर्क करे – 8718832355 (K1)

Suitable match for Canada PR Jat Sikh boy, 29, 6’1, Electronics Engineer (India) IT (Canada), convent educated. Single child of well educated, well settled family, having properties in India & Canada. The boy is holding high profile permanent Canada Govt. job. Contact no. – 9814102163 (K2)

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Suitable match for Jat Sikh issueless divorce boy 1986 born, 5’10, M.Tech., own business, handsome income, No demand. Status family. Educated girl from simple family preferred. Caste no bar. Contact no.- 7696411129 (K3)

Well educated Jat Sikh family in Toronto, our handsome & cordial son is 26 years, 5’9, Engineering from Canadian University & matriculation from YPS Patiala. Urban proprerty in Punjab & Canada. Looking for professional girl settled in Canada. Contact at – (K4)

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Jat Sikh US well settled family seeks suitable match for US born handsome son, 1991, 6’3, PharmD in New Jersey. US born professional preferred. Please contact and send biodata with photos to – (K5)

SQ4 Jat Sikh Australian working Optometrist ( Doctor of Optometry ), 1991 born, height 5’9, trim hair, well settled. PQM families share biodata on Whatsapp: 61-403-323-401 (K6)

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PQM smart Australian Citizen Jat Sikh clean shaven boy born June 1987, 5’11, Sydney based Accouting Business. Girl already in Australia preferred. No bars. Details & pics first instance. Email – (K7)

Affluent Sikh/ Jat family in America, seeking bride for their handsome son 31 year old, 5’11 Doctor. Looking for Sikh/ Jatt Doctor/ Dentist. Kindly email biodata with picture to (K8)

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Wanted Canadian citizen girl for Amritdhari jat boy B.Tech, 24 yr old, 5’10, belongs to reputed landlord educated family. Contact no. – 9815701926 (K9)

Seeking a PQM for a Tricity based well-versed & handsome boy 87, 5’11, currently practicing as a Lawyer in High Court. Well settled family with urban and rural property, looking for a convent educated and like-minded match. Please share your particulars- (K10)

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SM4 Jat Sikh 27, 5’10, boy working Assistant Manager in Public Sector Enterprise with 20 lakh CTC. Professional/ Center Govt./ Banking employee preferred. Contact no. – 9417820405 (K11)

Suitable qualified, beautiful, tall (from educated family) match for Jat Sikh turbaned, PR Canada, living in Ottawa (Ontario), B.Tech, Feb’1990, 5’11, boy preferred Patiala/ Fatehgarh Sahib, Ludhiana. Send biodata, photo, Whatsapp 9463815121 (K12)

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Jaat Sikh New Zealand business family, seeking educated, beautiful, family oriented girl. Boy New Zealand born 1988, 6’2, well settled with own family businesses. Respond with latest photo, biodata. Whatsapp – +64274222955 (K13)

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PQM for 1994, 6’0, clean shaven, handsome, B.Tech. PEC Chandigarh, Serving Army Captain. Father retired Army officer. Well off family. Only elder brother married, PR Canada. Mother Govt. Teacher. Contact no. – 7658821403 (K14)

Jat Sikh Gill family from Ludhiana seeks beautiful, family oriented girl from respectable family. Boy is clean shaven 29 years, 6’2, tall, handsome & holds Canadian PR. Share profile with photographs on Whatsapp No. 9876182299 (K15)

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Match for Jat Sikh boy 1988 born, 5’11, B.Tech, Canada (PR) Serving Canada. Contact no. – 8587802484 (K16)

Match for Jatt Sikh boy 6’0, 29 years, B.Tech (CS) Thapar University, Masters (Economics) – Delhi University, working in Gurgaon as Assistant Manager in US based MNC, package 21 LPA. Canada PR application in progress. Contact no.- 6284244981 (K17)

Jatt Sikh Brar 29 years, 5’7, M.Tech. Govt. Job in PSPCL. Preferred Govt. employee. Contact no. – 9888970070 (K18)

Suitable match for Jat Sikh male , MD, Fellowship, slim, Athletic 36, 5’6, US citizen financially independent. Send info (K19)

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 6’1, April 89 born boy. He has completed M.Tech. from USA (at present residing in USA). Looking for a well-qualified American citizen girl. Contact no. – 9815506202 (K20)

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Jat Sikh boy 28, 5’8, Officer in Merchant Navy seeking well educated, beautiful, slim girl india/ abroad. Parents Officers. Whatsapp with latest pics and biodata at first instant. Contact no. – 9877674591 (K21)

Match for Jat Sikh 5’10, 27, Superintendent Govt. Dept. Punjab, Respectable, Rural/ Urban property. Govt. employed girl preferred. Contact no. – 9815776606 (K22)

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Suitable beautiful, tall match for 89 born, 6’0, clean shaven handsome, Jat Sikh MD Doctor boy from well educated family. working in reputed hospital & getting 24 LPA. Whatsapp/Contact – 9855049334 (K23)

Jat Sikh boy, 28, 5’10, Class-1 Gazetted Officer. Parents Govt. employee. Contact no. – 8872442158 (K24)

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Professionally qualified match handsome Engineer 26, 5’10, working MNC Pune. Father Army, Officer. Contact no. – 9988159890 (K25)

Demandless, beautiful Jat Sikh match B.Tech boy 92, 6’2, business. Reputed Punjab, India tax payee. Lacs daily. Contact no. – 8437661001 (K26)

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Jatt Sikh boy Canada work permit 6’1, Oct’89, B.Com, MBA want educated girl. Contact no. – 9814362558 (K27)

Seeking beautiful Jat Sikh MD girl for handsome Jatt Sikh 28, 5’9, boy, MD from UK. Specialist Doctor UK. Contact no. –9876019591 (K28)

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Jat Sikh boy 1993, 5’11, Postgraduate, living Canada, landlord family Amritsar, required 5’7, well qualified girl. Contact no. – 7888518903 (K29)

Jat Sikh boy 1987, 5’11, Ph.D, Psychology, University Assistant Professor teetotaller. Contact no. – 9988031699 (K30)

Lubana Sikh boy, 1990, 6’0, Australian Citizen, M.Tech, Engineer in Amazon. Caste no bar. Email – (K31)

Match for handsome Lobana cleanshaven boy, Jan’88, 5’11, Merchant Navy Officer, father retired Col., Grand father also retired Officer seeks educated beautiful, slim, homley, sober girl at least 5’5, only Sikh. Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9654028917 (K32)

Canadian Lubana Sikh boy 32, 5’11, want BDS/ any other professional girl, Caste no bar. Contact no. – 9466436721 (K33)

Seeking professionally qualified, beautiful match for handsome Jat Sikh boy, 1993, 5’11, Canada Citizen. Mohali based family. Contact no. – 9463187318 (K34)

Jat Sikh Grewal Canadian Resident 07-93, 6’0, well to do educated family settled in Canada, looking for educated beautiful minimum 5’5, tall girl. Preferably with Canadian Visa. Contact no. – 9888441310 (K35)

Very affluent Chandigarh setttled Jat Sikh Business family boy 31, 6’2, Seeking tall, slim, smart convent/ P.S. educated girl from status family. Email – (K36)

Jat Sikh US well settled family seeks suitable match for US born handsome son, 1991, 6’3, PharmD in New Jersey. US born professional preferred. Please contact and send biodata with photos to (K37)

SQ4 Jat Sikh Austrslian working Optometrist (Doctor of Opometry), 1991 boorn, 5’9, trim hair, well settled. PQM families share biodata on Whatsapp – 61403323401 (K38)

Jat Sikh 5’11, Sep’91, Govt Job Rural/ Urban Property, Looking for Govt job beautiful girl. Contact no. – 7719575034 (K39)

PQM 4 smart Australian Citizen Jat Sikh clean shaven boy born June’1987, 5’11, instance. Email – (K40)

Single/ Divorcee issueless qualified, working girl for Canadian PR, good salary, Jat Sikh B.Tech., IIT-MBA, issueless divorcee, 37, 5’9. Contact no. – 9463843540 (K41)

Affluent Sikh/ Jat family in America, seeking bride for their handsome son 31 year old, 5’11, Doctor. Looking for Sikh/ Jatt Doctor/ Dentist. Kindly email biodata with picture to (K42)

Seeking professionally qualified, Jat Sikh, tall match for well settled Airline Pilot, 89, 5’11, Delhi based. Family Chandigarh settled with urban/ rural properties in Ludhiana. Contact no. – 9316100858 (K43)

39 years, 5’8, MBA, Jat Sikh boy (cuts hair), 10 lac PA, presently working in Govt. Bank at Abohar Punjab. Father retd. from Army/ Whatsapp – 9888699130 (K44)

Jatt Sikh 1983, 5’10, smart handsome boy PCMS-1 Doctor legally divorcee rural and urban property. Good salary. Require well educated family girl interested. Contact no. – 9914253221 (K45)

Jat Sikh Sran boy Jan’92, 5’8, B.V.Sc, Own Practice, Own Clinic, Bathinda Income 100000/- pm, 8.5, Acre land Hanumangarh. Well educated settled family. Contact – 9780865586 (K46)

Canada PR, 26 years, 6’1, runs his own transport business and own house in Edmonton, AB. Family well settled in Delhi. Contact no. – 9810085282 (K47)

Suitable match for well settled Jat Sikh engineer Canadian citizen 29, 6’1, Degree from prestigious Canadian university, urban educated family, Whatsapp – 9466132936 (K48)

Jatt Sikh boy, 26, 5’11, B.Tech., Govt. job (Adhoc), huge urban and rural property. Seeks beautiful, well educated, vegetarian girl. Whatsapp – 9463474689 (K49)

PQM4 Jat Sikh boy, 1989, 5’9, MBBS, AC/MO in Central Armed Police Forces, Patiala. Whatsapp – 7526956740 (K50)

89 born, 6’0, MBA, well settled Jat Sikh boy (Patiala), commercial property. Seeking ILETS cleared or working girl. Contact no. – 8146161516 (K51)

Canadian PR Jat Sikh 29, 5’11, non-drinker, working as an Immigration Consultants, seeks highly qualified girl, living in Canada. Contact no. – 9888622317 (K52)

Jatt Sikh boy 1990, 5’10, B.Tech working in private sector U/R property required beautiful girl preferred PR, Study Visa, Work Visa. Contact no. – 9466762569 (K53)